About Elya

Elya is a very hands on and infectiously high spirited “I know it doesn’t make sense, just trust me on this.” kind of photographer, based in the beautiful Netherlands. He’s been dedicatedly focusing himself on portrait & fashion photography and fun while doing it.

He’s always had a admiring love for the creatively stunning photo’s in fashion & art magazines and started his own journey with a small hobby system-camera for the mere goal of taking emotive portraits of himself and to satisfy his insatiable need to create.

It didn’t take long for others to notice his expressive way of putting himself on film and ask him to do the same for them. So, he always aims to deliver the photos as an extension of the person in front of the lens or the creative team he’s working together with. An image of them or the team effort through his eyes, after spending some time with them before the shoot.

“I believe in stories. Everybody has one to tell and how big or small it is doesn’t matter to me. It’s always that something in the way they move, act, dress, talk or solely in their eyes. What matters to me is try to I put a drop of the story they decide to share with me, even it’s just a little, on film and becomes an unmissable part of it.”

Next to getting to know the people he’s working with, his number one priority during a shoot is to make sure everybody has fun. He wants everybody to feel comfortable, completely at home and good about themselves, so that magic on film follows.

“I find happiness in making others happy. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face, for whatever reason, I’ve done my job.”

– Elya.